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WetlandCare Australia

Working with communities to protect, promote and restore wetlands since 1991

Protecting, Promoting and Restoring Wetlands Since 1991

WetlandCare Australia has been dedicated to protecting and restoring Australian wetlands and inspiring others to get involved for over 20 years. Our founders envisioned a future for restoring networks of wetlands across Australia that would provide the connectivity to ensure healthy functioning ecosystems that support life. As Australia's only dedicated national wetland conservation organisation our reach has been extensive in moving that dream towards a reality.

We have earned our reputation as an influential change agent and partnership builder through our solid track record in managing and delivering hundreds of projects that have resulted in improved wetland ecosystems and their sustainable use.

Our work is far from done and we are committed to continuing the path our founders laid for delivering on their vision. Our 2011-2015 Conservation Plan (PDF - 1.7MB) outlines the next phase of that journey. By working together in partnership we will implement the plan and achieve further tangible results towards the lasting conservation of Australia's wetland heritage.

Our mission: Working with communities to protect, promote and restore wetlands and their catchments since 1991.

WetlandCare Australia is a not-for-profit, registered charitable institution, with a volunteer Board of Directors, listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations, and all donations are tax-deductible.

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Our Latest News

Sugar Cane Growers Restoring Wetlands in the Burdekin

October 18, 2016

Why are healthy wetlands good for cane farmers? In this short video 5th generation Burdekin cane farmer Vince Papale talks about the benefits of healthy wetlands on his cane farm.

NGO Networks for Wetland Conservation

October 11, 2016

The World Wetland Network (WWN) is a global network of over 2,000 non-government organisations (NGOs) initiated at the Ramsar Conference of the Parties (COP) in South Korea, 2008. It arose from the need for NGOs to arrive at Ramsar meetings well prepared, and participate effectively. Australian Louise Duff was recently appointed Chair of the World Wetland Network. Louise is the Program Manager – Wetlands Catchments Coasts with Conservation Volunteers, and administers the Australian Wetland Network.

Launch of Can Do Campers Pilot Program

September 30, 2016

WetlandCare Australia and Red Rock Holiday Park are pleased to announce the launch of the Can Do Campers pilot program. Two activity booklets have been developed as part of this program, which you can download here.
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What's On

Glenrock Turkey Rhubarb Challenge!

Get stuck into eradicating Turkey Rhubarb at Burwood Beach near Glenrock on Saturday October 29. Burwood Beach Coastcare is hosting a working bee with prizes for digging out the biggest rhubarb tuber!

Native Plants Workshop

Red Rock Holiday Park will be holding a native seed collection and propagation workshop for the local community and Park guests on November 1, where we can learn about growing native plants from scratch.

Guided Canoe Tour of Boatman's Creek

Conservation Volunteers are hosting a Canoe tour of Newcastle's wetlands on Saturday October 22, as part of a program of events being held for the Newcastle Wetland Connections project.
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